Certification in HFMA demonstrates your professional achievement and that you are an individual who can take on challenges, and succeed. Certification may be the qualification that will give you the needed edge over others in your professional growth. Additionally, survey results indicate that certified persons are more likely to be hired than non-certified applicants. On the average, certified employees tend to earn more than non-certified employees.

The program and requirements will change effective January 2011. One of the changes is that the exam moves to online and the ability to take the exam at one of several hundred testing sites throughout the country. The Brochure explains all the program changes and answers the FAQs that have been raised regarding the new program.

The first step is still Earning the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) and this link provides the details regarding taking the exam. There is also the ability to pre-order the 2011-2012 Study Materials for CHFP exam.

Fellowship can be applied for after successfully completing the exam and meeting other requirements as listed on Earning the Fellowship Designation.

If you have any questions, contact a member of the certification committee.